Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 18th Cohort Meeting

1. Name of Meeting: Personal Identity

2. Three Things I Learned:

  • I learned that Woo, my number one strength, stands for "winning over others."
  • I learned that no one in the group shared any of my strengths other than Nick, who also had both Woo and Positivity.
  • I learned that since we each have different strengths we will be able to get more done because the variety of strengths in our group will allow us to complement each other instead of getting trapped in one mindset.
3. I was not surprised by a specific strength that I got but found that they all seemed to describe me well, I just hadn't identified them as strengths before because they just came naturally to me for the most part.  The only one I was very aware of that I had worked on consciously was Positivity, because there was a time in high school where I was a major pessimist but over the last couple of years I have really worked to turn my attitude around and have apparently succeeded.  The strength of Includer was a bit of a surprise because I never saw that as a strength, closely related to Woo, I just like meeting new people and helping them feel welcome.  I like being parts of big groups of people where everyone is enjoying themselves so to me including people is just the nice thing to do, not a strength.  But I learned that it is.

It is important for a leader to know their strengths so that they can identify what areas they need to work on and do not lose sight of their goal.  For example, based on my strengths, I might find myself focusing too much on the social connections between members of the group instead of making sure the group actually accomplishes a task.  If I am aware of my strengths and how they might divert my attention I will be prepared to self-correct and keep that from happening.

4. I can not think of a situation where a leader disrespected me for my differences.

5. This week is Big/Little Week for my fraternity and I am using my woo to be friendly to all the actives who are my potential bigs!  I am also keeping a positive attitude when it comes to the possibility of being placed in a smaller and seemingly less exciting family! I know that it will all be what I make of it!

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  1. Stephanie, I respect your self reflection in regards to your Woo strength, and also happy that you have discovered your strength as an includer! & I hope Alpha Phi Omega continues to be an awesome part of your time here at BGSU!