Friday, October 4, 2013

Retreat Reflection

1. Three Things I Learned:

  1. I learned that I am strong enough to help lift people over a wall.
  2. I learned that opening up to people is the easiest way to form close friendships.
  3. I learned all about process.
2. My favorite part of the retreat was the bonfire heart to heart.  I learned that even in a small amount of time I can have an impact on people through the closing activity which I also enjoy.  I just got comfortable with everyone and feel comfortable working with them on the service project and hanging out.  

3.  I consider my biggest strength to be my desire to meet new people.  I need to improve my listening skills, instead of just doing all the talking.

4. I represented the Falcon Leadership Institute this Falcon Friday by wearing my t-shirt!


  1. I also really enjoyed the bonding experience that the bon fire was, It was a great way to truly open up and share a part of our lives we would not have normally shared.

  2. The bonfire was a really great time. Sharing about ourselves was a simple yet great way to make us more comfortable around each other and truly helped us bond.

  3. PROCESSES. And yeah, you're super strong. Really impressed you got me over that wall. :)