Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 27th Meeting Reflection

1. Why Does Leadership Matter? Relational and Servant Leadership

2. Three Things I Learned:

  1. I got to meet my new mentor and learn that his name was Craig.
  2. I also learned about the five aspects of relational leadership which are process, ethics, empowerment, inclusion and purpose.
  3. Finally I learned that being a great servant leader is based on aspects, the hardest of which for me to master will be good listening.
3. I most identify with the trait of building community.  I love forming relationships with new people and helping people form relationships with each other.  One trait I see exemplified in the world is stewardship by Pope Francis.  He works hard to protect everyone and does not want to be held above at the expense of others.  I feel really good after meeting my mentor.  He seems really and also like a really good listener.  I look forward to getting to know him better throughout the year.

4. I most looked forward to getting to know my fellow cohort members better.  I also look forward to learning more about the service project we will be working on.


I went to the chapter meeting and pledge class for Alpha Phi Omega this week.  This is an organization that stresses not only service and friendship, but also leadership.  I believe it will help me grow to be a better servant leader like we discussed in the meeting.


  1. Good luck and best wishes with Alpha Phi Omega, It looks like a wonderful organization and I know you will do amazing things being a part of it(: I liked your example of pope francis as well, I feel that he really has gone out of his way to be one with the people and not above anyone.

  2. I'm kind of jealous actually. I would LOVE to do something like that, but I just don't have that kind of time... I seriously don't know how you do it. You cray-cray. But I hope it goes well for you! :)