Sunday, December 8, 2013

Leadership Academy

1.  Three Things I Learned:
  • I learned that values are priorties that we have which guide all of our decisions.  In order to be a strong leader we should know what our values are so that we can be true to them.
  • I also learned that even if we have a certain value there are still situations which are a gray area where that value might be placed on the back burner in order to stay true to another value.
  • Finally, I learned that we all have different styles of leadership that are based on our values and our strenghts.  There is no one right kind of leadership.  There is as many different styles of leadership as there are leaders.
2.  I enjoyed getting to meet new people.  It was cool to draw connections with other people who also valued leadership.  I was surprised that I was the only person in my group who throught cheating should always be reported.  The most valuable thing I will take away is that I should make sure that my actions are congruent with my values.

3.  Values was all about discovering what things were a priority to me when I make decisions.  Ethics was all about making sure that my actions reflect my values.  Commitment was all about finding a purpose based on my values and ethics and sticking to it.

4.  Ethics is very important in leadership because it is all about having congruency to your values.  If, as a leader, you fail to live according to your values then you are being a dishonest leader who will never be able to be effective. By letting my values, such as compassion, guide my actions I will be able to create a safe and caring environment at our service project. 

5.  No pictures taken at Leadership Academy, sorry.

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  1. I also enjoyed meeting new people Stephanie! I agree that a gray area also exists but by using personal values and ethical standards certain decisions do come before others. Lastly, I admire your mention of compassion to create a safe and caring environment for the service project!